Life is always challenging us. We are confronted by things we did not expect, we experience diseases and strokes of fate which leave us helpless. Or we are looking for practical orientation: Where does my path lead to, what should I decide, what should I do?

Astrology can help to understand life and to cope with its ups and downs. Astrology will assist us to see our life in a wider context. What throws us off track, what irritates, annoys or exasperates us, can make sense seen from a broader perspective: a significant step in our personal growth. Or we become aware that we are chasing illusions and are hurting ourselves. By using astrology we can recognise and adjust inappropriate paths. It can support us to take life as it is: the circumstances we are living in, the people we meet, and above all ourselves.

Acceptance as a first step. By realising who and what we are, we gain freedom to take our life into our own hands. Astrology can show:

  • where we can act
  • where we should take responsibility and make decisions
  • where we can change our life ourselves
  • where to accept things just the way they are.
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